Thugville, USAB…

Thugville, USA

BlackMobs are a bit different than FlashMobs aren’t they?

Many of us watched in enjoyment the past 5 or so years as ImprovEverywhere and others set up funny “flash mobs” in cities near you.

The inner-city gorillas have taken it to a different level by gathering at local convenience stores or even Wal Marts like earlier this week in Jacksonville, Florida. They also repeatedly pull these crime gathering mobs in Chicago, Milwaukee, Baltimore, Philly, and other American cities.

Certainly not all blacks are to blame as not all whites are to blame when psycho’s like Tim McVeigh go off, or all Mexicans when a drunk guy stabs someone else. Nor are all Muslims to blame when a Male Muslim kills his daughters because she was not honorable to his wacked radicalized beliefs.

But let’s call it what it is, and that’s a dominant crime culture among the American Male Negro. The media does their best to ignore the racial element of all their violent crimes, other than when the rare occasion occurs where the Negro is the rare victim of a non-Negro, like the Latino Zimmerman shooting Trayvon Martin. Then it’s made into a race issue somehow, and only then.

Meanwhile, we have hundreds of Lauren Burkes and Eve Carsons, while the Wichita Massacre goes basically unreported by CNN despite them giving the female Negro prostitute from the Duke lacross false accusation hours and hours of primetime focus, including the platforms to Sharpton and Jackson as usual.

And they were on the scene with hundreds of hours of coverage when the white Don Imus made some jokes about the Rutgers backetball team. They blew that up into a serious story and got him fired.

Meanwhile, what does Chris Rock say?


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